Do the people at puppyfind just let anyone put a picture of a dog on their web site and not check out breeders or their reputation. We contacted a "person" on puppy find that said they were a priest going on missionary work and if we sent them money we would have the dog next day.

Things started to not add up and we contacted the local branch of the FBI and we were thankfully saved from this scam. If it sounds too good to be true...

it probably is! I feel for all potential buyers and the animals involved.

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I almost fell for the same " SCAM " myself today. The dates and length of ownership did not ADD UP!!

Scary. As soon as I saw Nigerian Minister, I knew something was up.


It is up to the consumer to do the research. Puppyfind is nothing more than a search engine.

I would never use ppuppyfind, breeders.net, etc. If I wanted a breeder puppy, i would contact the national breed club.

Otherwise get from local rescues. Research puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Osprey, Florida, United States #238766

Anytime you see a pup for adoption for $300.00 including shipping is a SCAM. It cost more then $300.00 to ship when you have to consider the Health Certificate, Crate & Air Fair.

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