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My wife who has cancer Was on puppy find,found this puppy for 1200 with shipping 1400 seller called from (503-401-1117) I asked for photos and after tell me it was raining in California for two day finally received them( I check it out and weather forecast was 67 and clear) first red flag .....wife was in love with puppy,sent deposit of 200 through pay pal,when I got home later that night I looked at them and the puppy seemed lighter then original,so next morning befor shipment and balance of payment i emailed rubygraceakita.com and gave my concerns was quickly given a refund. I'm writing this because I found the same puppy on dogs now for 400 with different ( name-phone-and state) please do your home work and ask as many questions you need to feel comfortable.if they get defensive (RED FLAG) and run the other way. Photos and e- mail posted....first photo is the one that was on puppy find now on dogs now,,,second ones are the ones she emailed...

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What does your wife's medical condition have to do with your complaint? I'm sorry she's ill but it really has nothing to do with your issue with the breeder.

to Anonymous #1342502

Seriously? Does it make you feel better calling out someone because they said she has cancer and has nothing to do with the breeder?

He said it because he was saying why he was purchasing a puppy you know for someone that is dying and wanted a puppy?

Geez what is wrong with you. No *** it has nothing to do with the breeder ***.

Marshfield, Missouri, United States #930201

Some people use same pic for all there dogs, people on ebay do it with other items ,that isn't necessarily your dog a lot of purebred pups look a like , lot of work taking good pic. ,,Is this against the law , i don't know?????

Sebastopol, California, United States #922641

I know you don't want to hear this, but you didn't rescue and you are rewarding breeders and encouraging them to continue.

For the future, if you so desire you can get 'pure bred' (although realize this often means in-bred) dogs from rescue reputable organizations.

They take astounding care to make sure you get a healthy, well behaved animal.

Also, you would at least receive your dog. But thanks for the heads up


Johns defense is how much you spent. Hey john uuhhh wtf is it to you? Oh and the pound isnt free.

to j.wayne Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #930780

uh some are, he didn't suggest that they are always free he said "SOMETIMES"

so before jumping on someone like that take the time to actually read his short comment which isn't hard to understand. unless you have a limited attention span and can't understand simple things like that

California, United States #890607

why would you spend $1200 on a dog when you could save one from the pound sometimes for free??

to john #1346749

Because anymore NO dog is free you ***!!and frankly rescues ask so many *** questions and leave no room for special circumstances makes me sick

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