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PuppyFind has been around since 2001 and also pays for search engine advertising. These two qualities cause their service to be listed consistently in the top 3 positions on the first page of an internet search such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

That means if a person is trying to buy a puppy and you type in relevant keywords to search the internet, that person is going to see PuppFind at the top of the first page of their search results. Good for PuppyFind and those looking to buy a puppy, but not good for dog Breeders and here's why: First, PuppyFind tell its breeder advertisers that they need to update their ads frequently throughout each day so that their ad will be placed at the beginning of the hundreds of listings for that particular breed of dog. This is actually a blatant lie and PuppyFind intentionally deceives its paid advertisers into thinking that if they sit at their computer and do this all day long (a maximum of 5 updates per puppy listing, per day), their listings will appear first among many hundreds of listings, and thus, will be seen first by potential puppy buyers. This is a big advantage because for many of the popular breeds of dogs, there are anywhere from 800 to 1500 listings, but most puppy buyers will only look at 30 to 50 listings and then make their decision to buy.

Having advertisers update their listings all day of course drives up the website traffic on Puppyfind which helps the search engine ratings, but again, it does nothing to promote the listing so that it will be seen by more people who interested in buying a puppy. Once you sign up and pay the subscription fee on PuppyFind, like most websites PuppyFind puts a cookie on your computer to be able to recognize you next time you login. When you do login, you have the option of updating your own puppy listings, or browsing all the puppy listings to see who else is selling your breed of puppies (your competitors). And it is true that if you are logged in to your breeder selling account, then update one of your listings, and then browse the listings for your breed of puppy, you will see your listing on page one.

As other breeders do the same, your listings moves to page 2, then 3 and so on. But here is where the deception of PuppyFind comes in. If you are not a breeder and you are just looking for a puppy to buy, when you go to the breed you are interested in, the listings appear in random order and recently updated listings have no advantage. So, its like PuppyFind wants their puppy advertisers to think their ads are given a priority when they update their listings frequently throughout a day, but this just isn't true if you are a buyer that browses the puppy ads on PuppyFind.

And, most buyers usually know that they want either a male or a female puppy, so they can re-order the pages of listings to show male or a female puppies only. When this is done, again the listings appear in random order so no advantage to those that spend most of the day updating their listings.

I actually reported this deception to PuppyFind about 3 years ago. They were going to correct this problem but as of Sept 2017, the problem still exists.

Product or Service Mentioned: Puppyfind Animal Services Advertisement.

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Thank you for your interest in the website and how it works. We appreciate your comments.

It is true that you have the option to update each of your listings 5 times within a 24 hour period to move them to the front pages of the breed category they are placed in for the search option of New/Updated. If you are logged into your seller account you will not be able to search for your own listings, but if you are a Buyer with or without a buyer account your listings will appear on the front pages of the New/Updated search. This has been tested and is working properly and does assist in getting your listings more exposure.

The updating option only affects the New/Updated search option, but this option is the search default on the site.

To maximize the exposure of our members’ listings, we also partner with (an online classified service).

 Listings posted on are automatically linked and posted as-is on, as well. If a visitor of selects the ad, they will be redirected to your listing on No personal or sensitive information is shared with, only that which you choose to make available to the public via your listings. 

Our goal is to encourage our members’ success, in all ways possible!

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