Delia is a backyard breeder and a puppy mil she will buy your dog complain about anything to force your hand to refund some money s back then she will either resell him for extra profit or use him for breeding purposes . Most of dogs die during birth or soon after birth since they don't get the proper vet. Care .she is a liar that is scamming a lot of people's with " I'm an old person with a fix income can you help me afford this dog please accept payments " only later to find out she has over 20 dogs that she uses for breeding the state does not even know about her breeding programs since she is not even paying taxes on the dogs sold at prices from 700-4000$ .she is a big time scammer in for the moneys and to eliminate competition .just read all her comments you can see how she tried to humiliate other peoples for their writing for their race for their friends and the list can go on .this 74 years old has being scamming peoples on puppy find and next day pets just check her out by your self and bring awareness to this don't lett her abuse more dogs just for her diabolical love for moneys !

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Queen Creek, Arizona, United States #931625

These are some of the lies that Adnana Ene and her friends are printing...all because I dared to print that Adnana Ene scammed me out of $3,000.00. I have proof of that which I will print later...and I didn't pay in payments, another lie.

I gave Ene a down payment then, full payment a few days later.


Queen Creek, Arizona, United States #930581

Why are you doing this to this sweet lady? She doesn't scam anyone.

The trouble with the Internet, you are allowed to print anything you want including a whole bunch of lies. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for harassing her when this elderly lady hasn't done a thing to hurt you. She is honest through and through and you are trying to ruin her because you are Adnana Ene's friend. The thing that you posted above says exactly what she has...7 breeding dogs and 3 that are pets.

She breeds only 2-3 dogs a year amounting to maybe 4-6 puppies. What is wrong with that? Last time I heard a person can be a hobbyist in this Country, the US of A. She breeds only to better the Maltese strain, but Adnana Ene scams and last I heard, Adnana scammed her out of $3,000.00.

Is that what this is all about? Because Delia dared to print that on Pissed Consumer, that Adnana Ene scammed her? She has proof of that. What you have above praises Delia and people say that her dogs are so cute.

Print more like that...for the good of Delia, thank you.

Delia lives across from me, in the same neighborhood. She is a darn sweet elderly person. We all love her.

She never hurt a flea in her life. All of you should stop that harassing because you have nothing on her....SNAME ON YOU!

to BettyH #1049434

Shut up. We all know it's you Deathlia.

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