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Every few years, I decide to have a litter of AKC puppies and puppyfind has always been a great place to advertise. I had large breed puppies that got big fast, and I was able to find really good homes for them.

Yes, some of the prospective buyers were not going to be able to handle military line police dogs, and just because they had the money, did not mean that they should own one of my dogs. Yes, I have trusted a person or two who I should not have, and those people were poor handlers and the dog suffered because of their stupidity and lies, yes lies, about if they had small children or small pets, but overall the good people out weighed the bad. Yes, I did have to say to some people that I did not believe they could control a 100 pound large protective dog, and they would be better off with a retriever or other more social type of dog, and maybe a smaller dog. But for the cops who bought them, and the people who knew what kind of dog this was, and was not the first one they had, the dogs turned out to be some people's dream dogs, and were working, search and rescue and protection dogs.

The reason puppyfind is so great is that you are able to list a bunch of pictures and I got a ton of responses. More responses than I had puppies. But being someone who barely broke even, cleaned for hours and hours everyday, cuddled and kissed, did the biosensor exercises for improved nerve and stable disposition, bought formula and high quality expensive puppy food, spent tons of time playing with the puppies, had toys, tunnels and pools, gave baths, and raised them indoors, and had an outdoor play area, wormed them every week, bought kennel cough drops, and gave them all shots, brought them to the vet for more shots, sent them off on a plane, and made sure everybody got their AKC papers and a 10 page color book of pictures and health certificates and health records of all the relatives, I think the people who do it for love, and advertise of puppyfind, don't deserve the vitriol. There are those breeders who maybe don't take as good care, or don't know better, and they can advertise on puppyfind as well.

Getting a puppy from a professional breeder, can be much worse than a private individual if the puppy is raised like livestock, because of the mental trauma the puppy goes through, not getting enough love and not being socialized and cared for. The best dogs, with the best dispositions, are picked up and held from the day they are born, toes rubbed, backs scratched, kissed and cuddled and talked to and played with, and are stopped from fighting by a calm owner stepping in and teaching then not to do that, when they are still in the whelping box. Are there people who raise them outside in the dirt, so the puppies are plagued with every type of mange mite and worm? Yes.

Do these kind of dogs have every type of infection that is incurable with pyrometrea and puss coming from their eyes and ***? Yes. Do some people feed them cheap food that isn't good enough to nourish growing bodies so that when the dogs grow up they will always have problems and eat their own ***? Yes.

But if you talk to people, you will find there are good and bad out there. Is it puppyfind's job to go to their house and see how they treat their animals? No. It is the buyers job.

If the buyer doesn't want to pay for the puppy whose parents have had all the tests, and are cleared from genetic disease, have all their papers in order so you know there was not excessive inbreeding, and has been given loving socialization and a proper high quality diet, and bordetella nasal drops, 5 in 1 shots, wormings, vet visits and health certificates, then, whose fault is it when they pick the bottom of the barrel bargain puppy? Finding a good vet is really, really hard, and takes years. Finding dog people you can trust takes even longer. I love puppyfind and have bought dogs and sold dogs on the website.

Just because there are people on puppyfind who have no business breeding dogs and have no idea what they are doing, and who have people who have no business buying dogs because they have no idea of what they need to look for to see if the dog is healthy and happy and mentally sound, connecting, you can't blame the service. Puppyfind is a website that provides a service posting pictures and basic information and a telephone number and an email service. There are good puppies on the website, and good homes that call. Weeding through all the bad ones is hard, but there are dream homes and dream owners, and dream dogs that come from incredible lines and owners obsessed and crazy in love with their dogs.

But, believe me, I have had a bunch of idiots call me, and I care too much to let my dogs go home with them. And people who have no intention of getting a puppy, but just want me to give them an education. And some of the best dogs, unfortunately, went to a bad handlers, who did not socialize and go to obedience classes, and the dog did not turn out as well as it could have because the owner was clueless, and dogs must be socialized before four months, or they will always be suspicious of strangers and other dogs. I tell them and tell them, but can I make them go to the vet, go to classes, feed them properly?

When all these idiots blame the website puppyfind, for their ignorance, it really makes you wonder. Here it is folks: You get the dog you deserve. It's Karma. I can give the best dog to the worst handler, and the dog ends up bad.

I can give the worst dog to the best handler and it turns out to the the best.

Whining because you don't know how to pick out a healthy puppy, don't have a good vet, and you don't know how to socialize and train a dog, is not the puppyfind's fault. It's yours.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from May 31, 2016.
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This is a very well written and thought out review. Thank you for not only being a responsible breeder but an advocate for the well being of the animals.

I agree puppyfind is not to blame. The buyer should be responsible for doing their research.

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