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I can not believe I tried twice this week looking for a puppy to add to my warm and loving family, and both were horrible fraudulent people saying they have puppies for you, emailing back and forth, getting your hopes up you found the right puppy for you.And its all a scam,,,, One was a Catherine Mahop,, claiming to sell me puppies in another state, no such person, I asked for her phone number so we could talk about the puppies, never heard from her again, One was a guy email and texting me all this lovely info about the puppies I would like to buy, he actually gave me his phone number, when I called to talk about the puppies, he actually said, "why are you askinf me so many questions", Really ????

He lied about his location, and his phone number was listed as fraudulent all over the Internet..His name was "Ryan Yedlin", email is his phone number is (707) 278-8603 Watch out for these horrible scammers.

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I didn't like: Scammers using this site.


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Usually the scammers are out of country and use vicitms of other scams to pick up money etc.... Never ever ever send money out of the country for a puppy that is for sale in the US. That is an obvious red flag it is a scam.


It’s the same person with different aliases her name is Constance Beshears she lives in Bakersfield report her to bakersfield police department


I got scammed by Constance Beshears who is the person behind all of these fake names and profiles I am out by $1,200 dollars


Yes it’s a scam please do not believe the scammers also someone named Constance Beshears I investigated her on my own and she’s the one behind all these false advertisement I lost $1,200 dollars. Please file a report with Bakersfield police department that’s where she lives.


You are absolutely right.I got scam by Catherine Mahop for $200.

She’s a liar.She’s a Horrible person.

to Nikki le #1431148

Are you sure? I got in touch with her for a Maltese called Teddy she is asking me $400.00 I really want a puppy but I am scared to pay and find out is a scam

to Vere13 #1431337

She literally just emailed me and asked for $400 for a male

Maltese called Teddy

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