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Jeff Steinport is running Vianet, LLC out of Scottsdale, Arizona and he has a few years previous experience with an online data collection company in Michigan, before he received his law license in the Fall of 2012. Steinport after not doing well at all as an Attorney set up shop in Scottsdale, Arizona and advertises to represent people with consumer, defamation and employment law.

This make no sense and soon you will see how sinister this individual is. Steinport, Jeffrey Allen is creating monetized websites such as, United,,,,, and many more monetized websites, that are doing great harm to the public and damaging people's finances, careers, reputations and safety just so that this individual can make some easy money at your expense of course. This individual has set up his monetized website "" with a PO Box address in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his home town. He has created a fraudulent 501c called the "The Franklin Archive" also based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and has refused to hand over a copy of his 501c documents, which by law he has an obligation to do.

He wants everyone else to follow the rules but he feels like he can do whatever he feels like it. Must be the law license has gone to his head. This individual created a completely contact information for his monetized website and the 501c called the The Franklin Archive that has under its umbrella. All with totally fake contact information, with fake phone numbers, fake fax numbers, fake emails.

Everything is completely made up by Jeff Steinport, in order to hide his real identity from the public, as he knows what he is doing is screwing over many Americans for his personal enjoyment and of course to make some profits. Jeff Steinport has violated the IRS 501c laws and has committed fraud against the IRS by fraudulently requesting donations for his monetized website under his made up 501c called The Franklin Archive. Every single monetized website that Jeffrey Allen Steinport owns, runs and is affiliated with has completely made up contact information, so that the public does not find out that he is the one behind all of these monetized websites and is detrimental to society in many ways. As an Attorney Jeffrey Allen Steinport has lost all of his cases and had to give up on several cases to let a good Attorney who knows what they are doing take over the case in more than one occasion.

Attached you will find one of our 501c complaints against Jeffrey Allen Steinport and the FOIA case he lost in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2011. So, now because he is incompetent and an angry individual who cannot make a living as a real Attorney has decided to use his law license to intimidate anyone from the public that questions his criminal behavior that is violating people's Civil RIghts. His monetized website, and are dedicated to uploading people's personal and private legal cases on to these websites for his profit and enjoyment.

If one files a complaint against Jeffrey Allen Steinport he will retaliate against you with his websites and manipulate and alter the URL headings, to step up his career and reputation ruining scheme. What this individual has been doing is duly noted with the authorities and he is so incompetent and stubborn, that he still continues to commit these frauds not realizing that he is being monitored when it comes to his fraudulent behaviors involving cyber terrorism, harassment, stalking and hacking.

Reason of review: Fraudster and scammer.

I didn't like: Criminals and murderers advertise.

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Jeffrey Allen Steinport has hacked my computer and has written that last comment under "I didn't like". Stenport, Jeffrey Allen has a dangerous mind that does not function normally and even though he has some people fooled as to his bad behaviors he will not be able to fool all of the people.

People will soon see through this sick individual for what he really is.

We believe that this individual belongs under psychiatric care taking medications and should most definitely have his law license removed for the good of the public.

Update: Jeffrey Allen Steinport has changed all of the contact information once again for his ruthless website "" using "Domain Guard" to keep all of his information nice and private and now it shows a fake address and phone number in Panama out of all places for "".

We have a lot more information to expose on Jeffrey Allen Steinport, including some photos of this individual where one can see that he is mentally ill.

We too have First Amendment RIght! Jeffrey!

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