Puppyfinder.com is a fraud and you should be careful with all the scams. i encountered myself with 5 different breeders and no puppy.I was silly enough to do transfer by paypbal and never received my puppy.

the breeder only has excuses after the other and blames the shipping company for issue. i requested a refund and nothing yet. i though it was just maybe this breeder and tried with some others. from who i received only emails requesting funds but once i did transaction(this time through western union) to verify identity as you canty pick up funds without your real identity.

this person said yes and all but never answer back so i was able to retrieve funds back. and 3 more breeders i asked for puppies then send me the same answer about a missionary mission and stuff. all the cheap dogs are a scam and if you think the support center does anything your wirong.

four weeks that emails were summited and no answer on if emails plp registered where taken down..... Be careful dont buy anything here!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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fabianrhodes379@gmail.com IS THE SCAMMER !!! BEWARE OF THIS GUY He will send you a counterfeit money order - which he mails from the USA and then arranges delivery in Canada 100% scam, notify the RCMP and do as many online scam alerts as you can


Same *** he texted. This # is a landline according to internet.

D.C. area....202-996-6212Text: Hi,thanks for your response,please send recently updated pictures to my email fabianrhodes379@gmail.com


fabianrhodes379@gmail.com (FRAUD ALERT)Hi,thanks for your email,the pictures of the Pup is fine with me.I'll love to pay cash and do the pick-up of the Pup,but we are out of town which is the reason i'll like to pay using certified check and also why we are using our own shipper.Once you receive the payment which will be sent to you via courier,you're to deduct your money for the Pup and send the rest funds which is to my shipper so he can contact you for an appropriate time for the pick-up of the Pup from your residence to our home.I'll like you to furnish me your full names and address so the payment can be issued and sent to you immediately.RegardsFabian

to Richard #1484384

Thanks you just saved me from this scam artist. i got a text from her asking for pics.



My name is Jessica and I am one of the Relationship Managers at PuppyFind.com.

Scammers are a plague that has targeted many sites across the internet, not just PuppyFind.com. That is why we have a Buyers Tips section that warn about the very scenario that you referenced in your post.

This is not a new scam. It is one that has been around in one form or another, for years and PuppyFind.com is doing everything we can to combat this issue.

We have staff that work 7 days a week hunting for and removing scammers from the site. In fact, one of the comments below posted a link to a listing that was just on the site but that account had already been removed by our Fraud Department.

We are blocking IP addresses from known scam locations preventing many scammers from accessing the site.

We have also changed the required information submitted when purchasing a membership to include the 3 digit security number to prevent the use of stolen credit card information. Other changes have been implemented as well, however, due to the nature of scammers attempting to adapt to our changes, the details of those changes are not able to be released at this time.

PuppyFind.com has nothing to gain from allowing fraudulent users to list on the site and we are making every effort to prevent them from accessing the site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Support.

When you do send an email, please remember to check your spam and/or junk mail folder for replies Many times we get claims that we have not responded when we have provided multiple responses but the customer's email provider has diverted the emails to their junk mail. Thank you,

to PuppyFind Staff #1074748

Just thought you should be aware as I've seen other complaints exactly like my own that credit card numbers are being obtained from people who have neither heard of or done business with your company and being used to clear bank accounts and/or causing banks to block their customers cards. After all of the many horrible reviews I've read regarding your company I would say it's pretty much a front for a group of criminals. Beware my bank is investigating

to PuppyFind Staff #1477951

I just received the following email today, 5/9/18 from fabianrhodes379@gmail.com:Hello,i'm interested in AKCis she available?Response from me: I have 3 black and silver girls available.Fabian: Hi, glad to read from you,please send recent pictures to my email fabianrhodes379@gmail.comGlad to be able to search his email address to find out he was a scammer. I advised him to view the "protected" pictures on my website.

to coleman #1521119

Just received the same text from fabianrhodes319@gmail.com. Thanks to this thread just deleting it and not wasting my time.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #829687

I didn't know where I could post this, but I knew I needed to do this to save a lot of people heartache and maybe this would help to get these scam artist put away.

I recently found a add on Puppyfind.com for a little yorkshire terrier puppy.

I made sure that I did all my homework to make sure I was not going to get scammed. However, I did!!! I contacted the ad in Hampton, VA at 757-928-5428 and spoke with a lady going by the name Keisha King. She said the puppies were just born, she had both parents, that I could come visit all of this sounded to me like she was legit, especially with her offering me to come visit.

She said she was a small hobby breeder and had only ever had 3 or 4 litters, she sent me pics of parents and the tiny little puppies, she told me I could put a 300 deposit down on one and it would hold her until I could come visit. She sent me a written contract, which made me feel really good about this breeder. However, the week before I was to go pick the puppy up she sends me a messages saying that the poor little thing got stuck between her mom and the crate and she found her dead. She sent me a QUICK message back saying she would send me the money back.

Within a few hours she had sent another email asking why I had not responded to her email about the refund and she would just credit my paypal or mail it to me. I sent her my address again and told her thank you and how sorry I was about the little puppy. Two weeks pass by no credit to Paypal and no money in my mail. I started getting a little nervous so I called and emailed her and NO answer, I called/emailed the next day, NO answer, I kept calling/emailing several times a day and everyday, NO answers.

I made a new email account and emailed her just seconds after emailing from my old email address, GUESS WHAT within 5 mins a email saying his wife was out of town and they were taking deposits on the puppies. I KNEW AT THAT MOMENT I HAD BEEN HAD! LOL I started looking for her ads on puppyfind, ebayclassifieds and found that she had a new set of puppies she was taking deposits on. She has ads all over the states selling the same puppies with the same pics etc.

Please don't send a deposit on a puppy, learn from me and go adopt at the local shelter. I wanted to put her pictures and ad on here so maybe when people are doing their research on her phone number or name that this will pop up. Paypal said that this account was under investigation and they were looking into finding the scammers. I have contacted puppyfind, sent emails of the this person saying she is not sending me money and the ads on other sites, but they will not remove her.

Something has to be done.

The name that she gave me was

Keisha King

2000 Montpelier Place #205 or #105

Hampton, VA 23666 Phone number 7579285428 This name could be different. The email address is pfs_hampton@aol.com

to Scammed14 Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #844724

UPDATE: I see the same person has puppies for sale under a new kennel name. Her new kennel name is Yorktown Yorkies. The link to the new add is http://www.puppyfind.com/view_listing/?list_id=0918645g38&sid=463d42021aee0189f43244065188c70d&back=%2Fl%2F%3Facct_id%3D735125%26country%3D%26state%3D%26page%3D1%26order_by%3D%26back%3D She is asking for deposits again.

to Scammer14 Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #844727


to Scammed14 Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #1010148

I know her personally and she is a very nasty person.that is her real name and address she has provided (not smart) .butyour ccomplaint has been reposted via craigslist so the word will get out and noone else will get scammed.another person is saying she got them out of. $1200.

to puplover Hampton, Virginia, United States #1295696

Apparently if she provided her correct info its not a scam. Thats *** if somebody did all of that and wasnt legit.

Providing their address and phone number. People that dont know what their talking about should read in between the lines first.

The breeder is legit and the person who posted that false info was mad,didnt get their puppy because they didnt show up with the balance by the due date because they didnt have the rest of the money wanting the breeder to keep holding the puppy 3 weeks later.Their puppy was sold to ME for the balance due. I know the entire story.

to Scammed14 #1368793

I know this is old but I have updated information on her. She is currently operating a "spa" in hampton/newport news) the name of it is Kandi Coated Spa.

If you have facebook look it up. Or on instagram

Thibodaux, Louisiana, United States #667226

Ummm... Who are you complaining about?

Puppyfind and Puppyfinder are two totally different sites. I advertized on both, and have gotten calls/emails from people interested in my pups from each site.

I think Puppyfinder is not as widely distributed as Puppyfind, and perhaps they are going with the similar name to try to ride the coat tails of Puppyfind. But that doesn't mean they're a scam.

to legit breeder #1442336

Any tips as a breeder to deal with scam people claiming to want a puppy?


:) paypal is the most secure way i dont believw anything u have said, before u get on here and lie make sure u know all your facts first off if the peoplw didnt send the pup all u have to do os dispute it through paypal and get your money back.

to bullahit Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #844723

After a certain amount of days they will not dispute it for you. I was 1 day pass the time limit, because we were waiting for the puppies to be old enough to leave its mom.

I think it is 45 days. Be careful.

I see this same lady has puppies again for sale under another kennel name. Yorkietown yorkies.

to Scammed14 Hampton, Virginia, United States #1295691

I bought a puppy from yorktown yorkies

They are not a scam, I sent a deposit and got my dog. Visited twice until they were actually ready to go.

I had no problems. Seems like a mad consumer posting false stuff because they didnt get their way.

to Scammed14 Hampton, Virginia, United States #1296611

Wrong kennel name sweetie. Get your facts together!

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