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Purchased three dogs in the last 6 years on the site. Two were misrepresented.

I still have not figured out what kind of dog my "Yorkie" is suppose to be. Bought a "Miniature" Bulldog in July (breeder in MO thru agent in TX). Was not a miniature, had Giardia despite health certificate--not reimbursed, and paid $300 for transportation for co. would not come closer than 1 hour from my home.

Avoid Wilma's Puppies in the St. Louis, MO and Mary Tutt, her agent, in Dallas, TX.

Contacted Puppyfind and they stated that they have nothing to do with who advertises on their site. So, if you believe Puppyfind Customer Service will help the buyer--they don't.

Review about: Puppyfind Dog.

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I purchased a miniature schnauzer from her, he has had no health problems & was exactly what we were told he would be.

I'm sorry you all had a bad experience but maybe not every dog she has is bad...


:) - I am happy to say that after reviewed all my information about Danielle Wilson - Danielles puppy - they have put back my bad review. Hopefully this will help the next consumer to think twice before they deal with her. She has no honor, morals or ethics - and WILL NOT keep her word.


It's not puppy finds fault you bought a puppy from mass breeders and tried to probably find a cheap one. Should have done your research and purchased from a reputable breeder.

If you researched the breeds you'd know there is no such thing as miniature in any breed it's all a scan.

It's also called genetics! Research that!


I purchased a puppy from Danielle's puppys in puppyfind , a king charles cavalier who has some severe health problems including a heart murmer which is very bad for this breed and an eye problem that needs surgery. I have all of the back up of correspondence with her, we came to an agreement and then she broke off all contact.

I also posted negative reviews that were deleted and i contacted support and have yet to hear back from them. Her name is Danielle wilson from Joplin, MO - and also sells under Ruff Life Puppies. DO NOT BUY FROM HER! She is deceitful and dishonest.

I also posted my email address offering to forward all documentation to whoever wanted it proving all that has happened. She also has the nerve to have a pic of my puppy on her ruff life website. This person has no ethics at all!

Why does puppyfind not allow negative reviews?????

It looks like she is great but is not! do not use puppyfind as they do not allow honest reveiws!


Thanx for information, I plan to buy a miniature bulldog next year and I could find this breed only on Puppyfind - but I will be careful. The thing is that we have not this breed here in Europe, and I need to buy one from the USA if I would breed them.

I am not sure if the miniature bulldog is registerable in Hungary/Europe, the Hungarian Kennel Klub belongs to the FCI, but I couldn't find miniature bulldog in their register list.

Other thing: You can use human pills included Metronidazole against Giardia, if you give a quater 2 times a day for a puppy, it will be handled in 2 days! Giardia is very common, it is in the ground and if an area is infected, you can't do anything, you can't disinfect the whole yard. The vets also not able to recognize this parazite many times, and they cure the puppy against parvo (!!!) or other issue.

And, of course, prevention is better than cure - I always cure all of the puppies to prevent the giardia.

It is also better to deworm them as a prevention, and not only when they are already wormy. I deworm the mother while the pregnancy and after giving birth every second week, and also the puppies.

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