I found a german Shorthaired pointer on a site from an Angela Bedard, Business name of Chechatonga. I made a deposit on the dog of 300.00 in April of 2015.

I never received the dog or the money back. You should flag her as a scammer on your site.

She still texts me almost every day stating she is sending my money however the money never comes and the dog has not came either. However she told me the other day she has a new litter of puppies therefor I am going to just guess that this is going to happen to other people here shortly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Puppyfind Dog.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #1236101

same experience..i found a german shorthaired puppy by the name of Name..Elijah Mason

Address.3351 Corridor Market Pl. 40066

Laurel, Maryland 20724, USA

and never recieved a puppy...beware his a scammer


My family went through the same thing. $300 deposit, no response, excuses, then we asked for a refund and she claimed we were scamming her.

We reported it to the local police who informed us that she already had a warrant for her arrest haha crazy lady. We finally heckled her into sending $150 which she did, but still have yet to get the rest a year later.

to Anonymous Middleburg, Florida, United States #1235082

When did she do this to you?


I also had the pleasure of being lied too and scammed out of money. She does have a few address but with some research I believe her that her actual residents is located at 15727 Saddle Dr.

Excelsior Springs, Missouri 64024. You could try and contact the Ray County Missouri Prosecutors Office at (816)776-2882 to see if anything can be done to help you recover anything.

to Anonymous #1141071

She lives in pottsville pa. That's an old address


I had dealings with angela for about a year now. I would like to say that she has just made it right with me and sent my money back to me.

She also states is bringing me my dog as well.

So with that being said, I think sometimes ppl do have things go wrong in life and sometimes it hits all at once and you can make the wrong choices over it. I would like to add that I think she is trying to make it right with everyone.

to Anonymous #1141073

Must be nice...she's still scamming people. Wouldn't be surprised if this was Angela writing about a refund or her partner in crime


Email me at abowesmemoney@yahoo.com if Angela bedard also scammed you....


She also claims to breed great Danes so be aware of that as well


Funny angela bedard can owe all these people money. She's a liar who has been taking people's money for years.

Google her name. She lived in a couple different states and has been taken to court for unpaid bills.

Keep after her. I'm sure she'll hide and scam someone else again..

to Anonymous Middleburg, Florida, United States #1100847

Can the cops do anything?


This is PuppyFind.com Customer Support.

We are sorry you have had such trouble with this seller.

We were unable to find an account on the site under Chechatonga or Angela Bedard.

Hopefully, your form of payment was made with the option to dispute it with PayPal or your credit card company so that your money was retrievable.

If you have additional information regarding this person posting on PuppyFind.com please send it to support@puppyfind.com to we can review the account.

to Anonymous #1092826

You can't find anything on her bc she keeps changing business names and her name

to Anonymous #1094500

Agreed. This is ridiculous

to Anonymous #1096564

So she claims she "sent" me a money order over a week ago for a refund...should take 3 days top. Then she claimed she sent it from another city bc she was traveling.

She will never send proof of the receipts she's received. Her phone always miraculously nvr wants to send pics...so anyone who is hearing these same lies will nvr receive a refund.

She's a scammer..liar and felon. But I'm the one in the wrong bc I want my $400 back from April 2015.

to Anonymous #1097207

I'm waiting for 950 bucks back. She is ridiculous and comes up with anything and everything.

Is there anything we can do about this?! I'll be happy to share my name.

If anyone is willing to contact me. I'm on Facebook

-Alyssa young

to Anonymous #1097516

Good lord! I wonder how much money she has actually stolen from people. She's a disgusting individual and should be in jail!

to Anonymous #1097224

Search blue mountain gsp they use that name As well

to Anonymous #1101581

Would you like her number 816-615-9685 obviously she needs to be punished for this and no one is doing anything so atleast you can make sure she isn't back on this site.

to ALYSSA #1460990

She has scammed me also but something different

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